About us

Holdstar Génétique Inc. was founded in 2001 by Mario Grimard. Current owner of genetic Holdstar, it has worked in the field of the genetics for more than 30 years. By giving the first courses of insemination to the farm, Mario thus acquired a great reputation.

Holdstar Génétique Inc. came out with Browndale Lords from which Stardust and Redliner come. Thereafter, the Fontao center of Spain was added and it was made known thanks to Xacobeo. Later, the company grew rich by several other centers and it counts nine today of them.

The force of HOLDSTAR GÉNÉTIQUE Inc. lies in a strong and dynamic team. Indeed, its members just like act before advisors of experiment in the choice of good bulls to be sold to the producers. These bulls come from several countries and are joined together under only one and SINGLE banner, the only company of this scale in CANADA. Holdstar became the reference conformation family of cows.

Mario Grimard,